11 Responses to “CRAZY REDNECK”


  2. Moonchakka Says:

    If he ever grow out of his racist loonybird stage he can always get the word, “Not,” tattooed right above it. Then he’ll be sure to fit right in.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    looks more metal head than redneck.

  4. robert chicgo Says:

    Fuck all of you,bad mistake for jobs and social equal life.. But fuck that you are all just pussies.. This man had the balls to put what he believed in on his forhead for the world to see.. So shut your fucking mouths you will never beas courageus as his person nor ever equal to him you race taitors who deny that the mud have destroyed america.. 88 hatchet!

  5. I know that guy. I’ll give him this. You can count on him if you need him.

  6. @ Robert Chicago: You’re right about that. Not many people would have the balls and/or commitment to put that on their forehead. That’s devotion.

  7. No, not a redneck. Come on, the boy didn’t know what a collar green was until he was like 20. Seriously though, at least he’s consistent and willing to be open about his beliefs instead of being a two-faced pussy like a lot of people. I know him and I bet if I needed something I could call right now and he do anything he could to help a friend. That’s more than you can say for most people in life, and those of you talking hate and violence over his tattoo and beliefs are a bunch of hypocrites.

  8. robert… you are a cunt. in case you dont remeber the blacks in america were stolen from africa so they could be your slaves. and all hes saying is that hes an ignorant stupid twat. yeah great- he’ll come and help out another racist bitch when ever she needs some more crack or whatever, but at the end of the day the more people like this guy and all you stupid blind racist fucks, the longer its goona take us stupid humans to sort out the fucking mess that is our world. but on that note, hope you all die! (try being nice to people, until they do something to deserve otherwise… not just hate everyone whos not in your own race!) you fucking morons. i got in a fight with a nazi swastika tattooed cunt the other day and put him in hospital… that felt great!

  9. Josh is a fucking tard. If you like him that much call him up. He’ll never ever ever ever get tired of calling you back at ungodly hours of the day or night. haha.

  10. @simon says: Thank you, reading these comments i thought everyone was applouding this guy.There is something wrong with people that get tats on their face. Now i have tattoos on alot of myself, but i do not go to my neck , face, or hands. with that said getting racist on your forehead, what a moron. I would not want to be seen out with him if he was my friend. Thank God he is not my friend, if he was i would have to tell him the truth, which would be that i dont want to be seen with you, easy as that.

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