18 Responses to “FEMALE FACE TATTOO”

  1. I think she’s HOT it may not be everyones prefrence to be that tattooed but talkin shit about her and no better most of you are probly niggers anyway

  2. That’s my buddy’s ex-girlfriend, she calls her self insectavora and works or worked for the coney island side show.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    is that a bee in her mouth?

  4. i hounestly thing shes beautiful lookin , if i was ever in new york the only thing id want to go see is coney island fuck most that tourist historic bullshit , seen an eposede of miami ink and a few of the people from the side show got tattoos and they seem like pretty fuckin cool people

  5. I think she looks wonderful! I’d love to see my wife fixed up like that. I don’t think I can convince her to have it done, but maybe, when she is “out” on something, I’ll have a chance.
    I am an aficionado of well tattooed women and I’m happy with the modern trend of girls getting daring tattoos in daring places.
    I’ll be happy to report to you about my wife (if ever….)

  6. I think she is a gutsy woman to have that tattoo done, but I likle it.
    I’m a thirty year old woman, who has a few tattoos.
    I am working up the courage to get myself a forehead tattoo.
    I have the design I want and I know that i will do it, but I keep postponing it.
    I will though, I will, I will….
    ‘m jealous of that woman….

  7. Hello Hannah!

    I love my tattoos and admire other peoples tattoos regularly.

  8. To Hanah and Bep, both.
    I am Carole and I have had some nice tattoos for years. Yes it takes a real commitment to have your face ttattooed, but it will attract only the good people and not those that love to dump on others.
    I too will have a facial tattoo, soon I think.
    My boyfriend and I don’t yet agree on the design, be we will!!
    Good luck to you ywo both.

  9. Lizbeth Says:

    Hurrah, hurrah !! My wife has agreed to have a flower tattooed on her cheek !!
    We are making an appointment with the artist now !
    ‘ Not too big’ she said…
    Hurrah, hurrah…., finally…!

  10. Lizbeth Says:

    It is done! I cannot change it now ! I have a big tattoo on my face now !!
    I was nervous like hell, when they started on me. First they sketched it on the side of my face, then the buzzing and the needles pricking my face….
    I prayed, I swore and haad a million doubts, but it happened ! I have a tattoo right on my face !
    It is healing now, but when I saw it in the mirror, I broke out crying. It looks so big !!
    I will have to get used to it. My man wanted it and now he’s got his way !
    Curse him, I love him. I’m all mixed up now… Next week the bandage comes off !!!

  11. Congrats Lizbeth, you are a brave girl. I admire you. Wish I could be there to see it.

  12. Hi.

    Yes my husband likes me to be tattooed too. I have submitted to his wishes a few times already, but now he has been reading about Female Face Tattoos, and guess what ?

    How does it feel, Lisbeth ? How do you react to people gawking at you ? I really would like to have your reaction. You are experiencing it now.
    Please react to this, I am sure many women are interested too.


  13. Lizbeth Says:

    It has been a year now that I had my face tattooed.

    At first I did not want to show myself to anybody but my husband. I still feel funny when I go outside the house.
    I do it though and I get a lot of looks all the time. Very few people have talked to me about it, but they do stare !
    I am getting used to it and enjoy it secretly. We went out to a bar and the bartender said: “A free drink for this wonderfully tattooed lady !”

    Everybody looked at me…
    First I wanted to crawl under the bar, but then I got friendly reactions, even compliments and I felt much better.
    In the end I felt like a celebrety ! And that was the start of feeling wonderful !

    I am a unique woman and everybody can see that ! I know I am pretty and I do have a nice body, now i have a very special decoration, one nobody else in the world has !
    I hesitate to say it, but I love all the attention I get now.
    It’s sensuous…

  14. I am happily amazed at those women who responded here !
    Women with face tattoos are not run-of-the-mill women. To me they are special, very special !!
    I love this modern trend and hope to get my girlfriend to get a nice showy tattoo, yes…(!) on her face.
    She has shown some signs of being interested, but I will be patient. After all is is a big dicision for a pretty girl.
    Lately we discovered a wonderfully tattooed girls face on “My face tattooed girls”.
    She admired that woman, so did I. Just wonderful !

  15. You’re so interesting! I do not think I’ve truly read through somethin like that before.
    So grdeat to find somebody with a few unique thoughts on this topic.
    Seriously.. thank you for starting this up.
    This site is something that is needed on the internet, someone witgh a little originality!

  16. Hannah, go for it !! You’ll be a unique woman if you are not already.
    Just wanting a daring tattoo makes you special !
    Go for it, babe !

  17. My husband wanted me to get my face tattooed, I was so anxious but wanted to make him happy. It started with one flower on my cheek, then a second. Now a year later my face is completely tattooed. I am getting used to all of the attention now, it makes me feel special.

  18. I may be a Johnny come lately, but I do want to compliment Astrid !
    How has your life been since you had your face tattooed a few years ago ? Any regrets ? Does your husband still admire the tattoo ?
    What do you feel when you look in the mirror ?
    I, for one, admire you and wish to see a photo of you if possible !

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