24 Responses to “BLACK TONGUE TATTOO”

  1. OMG wow!!!!!!

  2. And that is why he might have a problem getting pussy.

  3. He might or he might be smart enough to find your stupid site on the internet.

  4. Tiffany. Says:

    Actually. It looks pretty sweet & just because you lack any sort of self individualism and find it necessary to fit the bonding molds of society, I feel it’s hardly worth any of your time to razz the obviously superior people for their hardcore interest cooler things than being normal. =]

    haha. Spider, you’re awesome. =]

  5. lmao! you guys are pathetic! this guy is fuckin awesome, he’s my piercer, and this is pretty sweet. its called individualism! just because he doesn’t look like other’s because does’nt mean shit! get a fuckin life! pretty kickass 😀

  6. aww shucks, this backfired in your face didn’t buddy?

    I guess you are the only one who looks like a douchebag since nobody else here thinks what he did is “foolish”. You are just too chicken shit to do it yourself.

    Good day love.

  7. Spiders Niece Says:

    speaking of stupid…his tongue isnt black, its blue…and the man in the picture is a very nice guy, and just happens to be my uncle

  8. i like him too!!!!! one of the most enjoyable people i have ever had the privilege of knowing. and the not getting pussy???….. i hve a feeling its not a problem

  9. my2cents Says:

    Staci Says:
    aww shucks, this backfired in your face didn’t buddy?””””””””” I dont get it?Just how did this blow up in someones face?Because this guys whole incest family came in here to defend him because someone calls him a fool???????This is hilarious!!!!These people must be from Iowa or some incest village in the mid-west.

  10. LOL!!!!!!!!I dont see how it backfired in his face.Maybey I missed something.You are right about the in-breeders.Click the name on mr. Spiders post and you can see his lame page.For gods sake,I never seen someone get so uptight about a comment on the internet.My advice to spider would be”Dont post pictures of yourself online if you cant handle the truth”.99% of the population would agree that tattooing your tongue black,cutting it and sticking earrings in it would make one a foolish retard.

  11. I own a bar and most of my employees have more than one tatoo, but if this guy came looking for a job at my bar, he wouldn’t get one.
    people are alwayse touting individualism for their ink, but now that it is so common place those who need attention have to turn it up a notch.

  12. wheelie, you hit it right on the head. I think this is more about attention than indidviduality. I totally believe in individuality. I am a punker at heart and even tattooed someone’s head. That was more than twenty-five years ago, way before the body mods craze. I thought the head tattoo was beautiful an awesome and I still do. This however simply isn’t attractive. This is grotesque and shocking and I believe that is just what its meant to be. People are going to think this looks gross because it really does look diseased. It looks like he has pelagra. Beauty is the physical manifestation of good health. We are genetically engineered to seek healthy attractive mates with which to produce offspring. Its biological. Usually we try to enhance our beauty. The mouth and tongue are such beautiful things. This is not an enhancement. And if someone is going to make such a dramatic outward statement they need to have a thick skin. I support Spider’s individuality. That’s cool but I think his tongue looks gross. Its also childish to chide others for being just regular folks. It doesn’t say much for individuality if peope’s normal reactions are met with hostility and what they call normality is criticized.

  13. AWESOME!!!

  14. WTF???
    I hope he doesn’t have any kids; they will have to deal with the embarrassment of introducing him to their friends, and dates.

  15. GraveIntent Says:

    He didn’t Tattoo his tongue, he injected ink into it with a syringe, big difference. I’m surprised he didn’t get ink poisoning when it spread throughout his bloodstream, (2 main big veins in your tongue)

  16. I’m all for the ‘whatever floats your boat’ theory…but that is just so disgusting looking (in my opinion). Maybe it’s just the pic. But yuck!!

  17. Anonymous Says:

    So to be an individual you need to mutilate yourself? How about doing something that actually MATTERS to set you apart from the rest? I consider myself to be an individual, more so than people who assume they’ve set themselves apart from the rest of the world by letting some guy paint a picture on their body and shoot some metal trough it. By the way, how many people that actually mean something, that have achieved something REAL do you know that have tattoos? Also, individualism implies being an individual as in different from the rest…your tattoo may differ from the next guys’, but that doesn’t mean you’re all still a group of tattooed people, a group of deluded hippies. Bye bye.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Yes it’s still the guy from above…I want to specify that I have nothing against a single tattoo or peircing. I was talking about the group of people who consider themseleves individuals because they are tattooed from head to toe and sport many piercings. The kind that’s very adamant about their “modifications”. They might still think : “You call us a group, and that may be so, but there are so little of us that i’m still gonna consider myself an individual!”. True, there are indeed very little of your kind of full-body-piercing-and-tongue-tattoo-types. But you’re still a GROUP (deviants is the common denominator).

    You want to be special, but are too lazy, stupid, spoiled or otherwise inhibited from donig something REAL, then don’t worry, just get some tats man…sigh…

  19. Anonymous Says:

    @ MyTwoCents : lol exatcly!

  20. wow thats fkn crazy who would do this shit his tounge looks rotten hope he dnt like pussy cuz nobody but a sik crazy bitch would let him lick her pussy!!!!!and poor kids if he has any!!

  21. I’ll be in the August issue Skin and Ink. Much love

  22. Ouch.. ^^
    He’s got to have a very high pain tolerance to have his tongue tattooed..

  23. pendientes swarovski…


  24. It looks cyanotic and infected.

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