8 Responses to “TATTOOED CAT”

  1. I wonder if he/she liked that?

  2. Carrie Burrows Says:

    I knew a prison inmate that had pictures of a cat tattooed like that. He said his girlfriend worked at a vet’s office and stole anesthesia equipment so he could do it. Fucked up thing to do to an animal.

  3. Thats a FIRME GATO…

  4. wow that is pretty fucked putting Gangster Tattoos all over a helpless animal.

    I found this article on this 7 year old who was forced to get Gang Tattoo by his father and his friends who were both active in the Bull Dog Gang of Fresno.

    -Tattoo Maniac

  5. Alright…

    That looks beautiful, but…that’s just not right. It’s never good to put an animal under anesthesia to begin with…let alone to do so just to give the damn thing a tattoo. There’s a shit load of complications that can occur by putting any animal under…

    Cool…but…no, just no. I actually wonder if this individual could get caught for animal cruelty by doing this…maybe not if he paid a LOT of cash to do it as safely as possible. I have no idea.

  6. steeldarkstar Says:

    The Cats feel no pain not even the slightest prick nor irritation as a topical (rubbed into the skin NOT injected) non toxic to animals numbing agent is applied to the area prior to & untill fully healed If not do you really think the cat would sit still long enough to be tattooed if it felt the slightest prick of the tattoo needles (they would be gone like a rocket sled on rails) & even the minor irritation during the healing period would have the critter scratching, chewing & ripping at thier own flesh like they do when they go after an itch or an imaginary flea, which would destroy the animal’s skin not to mention the artwork. So the answer is no they feel nothing and no the cat is not drugged into kitty la la land, But great effort & aftercare has to be performed on a regular schedule which is very time consuming the cat has to be watched constantly and the area cleaned carefully and lovingly with no deviation in schedule this aftercare is not to be taken lightly at all, Just for one day imagine yourself with no finger’s or even arm’s and you have this new tattoo which is in all reality is a controlled 2nd layer dermis abrasion – Now systematically keep it clean and consistently infection free for a minimum of 2 week’s, not very easy is it ? To be truthful you cant do it I dont care if your a Magician it’s not possible, Now maybe you understand the reason for the constant & consistent – observation, cleaning and care of the animal without exception! The same close attention and care to prevent irritation & prevention of infection is given to the domesticated ungulates we get milk from and eat – for example Cows and Calves have thier ear’s Pierced with ID tag’s & Tattooed on the inner lip and or inner ear with serial numbers and letter/numeral combination’s kind of like a upc code for food “on the hoof” that verify everything from – date of birth, ranch, owner, breed, proof of Inoculation/vaccination, USDA required “live animal” inspection, and even projected pre slaughter inspection date’s.

  7. rotary tattoo machine review…


  8. Anonymous Says:

    Yes, this is much more cruel than say bobbing tails or pining ears, declawing (sp?), castrating, spading, etc. etc. All of which I have no problem with, but merely list them to demonstrate how people accept some acts on animals and reject other acts, all of which if you gave the animal a choice it would most likely “exit stage left.”

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