ULTRA-VIOLET LIGHT TATTOOS ARE ONLY VISABLE UNDER A U.V-LIGHT…………………………………………….uv-tattoo-watermarked

6 Responses to “U.V TATTOOS”

  1. No I NEED that!!!

  2. I heard the u.v/glow in the dark shit has phosphorus in it.It looks cool,but I would not take the risk.Someone should do u.v ink in the eyball.

  3. animefreakk1112 Says:

    i thought about it but when the uv light comes on wouldent it make harder for u t see because of the glow but on the other hand it would look really kick ass lol

  4. My oldest brother has talked about getting one of these. I’m all for it!

  5. woooooooooooooh
    totally weird but amazing!!
    dam glowing tattoos really rock up!!
    but if its a health risk then i only watch it 😦

  6. Lynnette Says:

    How is this crappy? UV ink is actually really awesome and it comes in many colors. I know several people who have it and I have one tattoo done is pink UV ink myself 🙂

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